Showroom Instant Detailer

Products & Codes:

  • Showroom Instant Detailer 500ml: SH245


  • Silicone free
  • Removes fingerprints, dust, smudges & bugs
  • Restores showroom shine





The quick detailer is a silicone free simple spray on and wipe off formula that restores showroom shine!


  1. Best to apply wax in a shaded area
  2. Make sure the paint surface is clean. Use a specially formulated car shampoo that won’t strip away the protective wax layer.
  3. Use a clean polish applicator or a Microfibre cloth that won’t scratch the surface.
  4. Concentrate on one panel at a time. Use a small amount of wax.  Over application can cause swirl marks and wax becomes difficult to remove.
  5. Use a Quick Wax to detail your vehicle in between regular washing. Use as a quick touch up to restore that showroom shine instantly.  Ideal of removing fingerprints, smudges and dust.
  6. Not for use on dirty cars.